Cloud Nothings Live At The Grog Shop (Free Digital Download)

Garage thrashers CLOUD NOTHINGS are proving to be more than just a growing household name. If you’ve heard their sophomore release, Attack On Memory, you’ll know that they’re one of the finest bands to come out of Cleveland, OH.

After playing a live set at the Grog Shop (based in their hometown), prepare to fall in even deeper love with the guys as the set is available as a free digital download!

Renowned for it’s intimacy between the performer and they’re audience, the Grog Shop is a respected live music venue that has been on it’s feet for a solid twenty years. Hosting local, national and international acts, the guys of Cloud Nothings dropped in for a set back in April of this year.

Playing an array of songs from their growing catalogue, this live EP entices you to have a taste of what their full set would have achieved. Featuring raspy, raw vocals and a heap of jamming, Cloud Nothings can obviously pull a live set together in such an effortlessly cool manner.

The EP predominantly offers songs from their latest record, Attack On Memory – ‘Stay Useless’, ‘Fall In’ and ‘Separation’ as one moulded track, ‘Wasted Days’ and ‘No Sentiment’. To complete this offering, the EP is topped off with ‘Can’t Stay Awake’ that can be found from their debut record, Turning On.

All you have to do is head to THIS link and supply your email address. The live set will be given to you via email.

For those of you who want even more, head to INSOUND to grab a physical, extended copy of the set as CarPark records have released a white label, limited edition vinyl. Be quick though, only 1200 copies of the LP were made!

Catch Cloud Nothings at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival next year! As for you lucky Melbournian and Sydney peeps, check them out in between the festival’s dates.

With special guests Violent Soho

Tuesday, 5th February 2013
Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
Tickets available through Oztix

Wednesday, 6th February 2013
Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Tickets available through Oztix

Words by Hannah Galvin, check out her street on POSSE.COM



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