WATCH: Disclosure ‘Latch’ (Official Video)

After a month, UK electronic music-making bros DISCLOSURE have released the vid for their ‘Latch’, a single featuring guest vocals by Sam Smith that is genuinely catchier than STDs.

Filmmaking collective Bullion (who collaborated with the duo on the ‘Control’ clip) have assembled a snazzy visual affair vaguely akin to an episode of Skins.

Attractive, sartorially sharp youths: check. Lustful couples rubbing their fuzzy parts against each other during cleverly disguised slow dances: check. Charming, hip-looking locales that look like they’ve been run through an Instagram filter: check. Two hot chicks lip locking? Double check.

“Latch” is Disclosure‘s first release under PMP Records and is available now on iTunes.

Words by Cheryl Billman, check out her street on POSSE.COM



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