Must See Acts at Harvest Festival

Everyone has their favourite acts to see at a festival and everyone has their dream acts that they wish, every time one is announced, will be on the bill. Luckily for us here at PURPLE SNEAKERS, HARVEST FESTIVAL is just that kind of grassroots gathering. We’ve been literally biting our fingernails to bits, as we’re sure you are too, in anticipation. November just seems too far away!

Come closer! Harvest! Come closer so we can come together!! And in our anticipation we compiled this little list of our top picks for the event and a little bit o’ trivia about the lot of ’em. We’re pretty kind, we know. Without further ado, we would like to introduce to you, the first cab off the rank, a soul who has seen many years on the stage becoming one of our most beloved garage rocker, the one and only…


Did we have to start with the obvious? Yes. Having been around for about forever now (over 20 years), Beck is a must see. We’ve been waiting to watch this father of indie music strut his stuff on our stages for a while now, and he’s finally here! With almost twenty years of musical reincarnation under his belt, we have quite the live show ahead of us. A little secret: the release of his 12th studio album set for sometime in early 2013. So expect a mixture of well-loved tracks like ‘Nausea’ and ‘Loser’ and a smattering of new tunes.

Want to watch a video of Beck during his impressionable youth, just as he hit mainstream success? Try HERE. Or to listen to one of his latest offerings, go HERE.


Having recently floated across this great southern land supporting the one and only Roky Erikson (13th Floor Elevators), these psyche wizards are back to engulf our senses. You don’t even need illicit substances when you’re watching these boys strut their stuff, (though it could be fun). Their kaleidoscopic live show is sure to blow minds and tantalise the taste buds of all who open their ears (and minds) to these angels. Get it? Angels? It’s in the title? Wit! These handsome young men are Hannah‘s top pick for the festival, so make sure you head down and listen to their psychedelic mindfuckery.


Oh my. At the thought of this live performance my heart flutters. It soars even, like a bird, like a plane, like a we don’t even know what. Yes Sigur Ros are coming to Harvest and we can’t hardly wait. With the release of their latest effort, Valtari, earlier this year – accompanied by a set of gorgeous short films, these intensely beautiful souls will have your soul singing. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be watching their set during the early evening as the sun goes down? My mind boggles.


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to see The Dandy Warhols. Because I thought that ‘Bohemian Like You’ was the coolest and decided that I could be one too. Although their more recent isn’t as good, they still seem like they’d be a lot of fun to see (especially if they tap into their smug ’90s attitudes- with a smattering of substance abuse for good measure).

…Also Courtney Taylor-Taylor is still kinda babin.’


The sound of crooning on Parisian rooftops, the smell of fresh bread in the spring time, warm coffee and ladies in gorgeous floral dresses, these are just a few things that we like; we also like Beirut, what started out as a bedroom project and has now become one of our most beloved musical darlings.


We’re going to go see Cake so we can see ‘Short Skirt, Long Jacket’ performed live. Honestly. We think these guys will come at Harvest in a cheeky mood, ready to share some laughs as the day starts to wind down.


Now we love Santigold because that girl can sing. Like really sing. She’s got a load of charisma, this crazy hip-hop voice, and we loved both her albums, especially newbie Master of My Make-Believe. But we really just want to hear all the party anthems from her debut… SAY AHAAAAAAA.


Added late to the lineup, the Los Angelines? Angels? Los Angels? Yeah lets go with that… These Los Angels ROCK! Their hit ‘Lazy Eye’ showcased their dynamic repetoire. Come November, their shoegazey indie rocky experimental fuzzy sound will definitely be one to see.

But okay okay enough’s enough… We should probably stop here before we get carried away…. THERE’S LOTS TO SEE AT HARVEST. YOU WILL LOVE IT. AND WHEN WE SAY LOVE YOU BEST BELIEVE WE MEAN LOVE, THAT’S L.O.V.E. COME ON DOWN AND PARTY WITH PURPLE SNEAKERS AT HARVEST 2012.

Words by Joshua Daydream and Hannah Story



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