LISTEN: Fishing ‘White Street Beach’

Summer is the season for coconuts filled with margaritas and shoes filled with sand, and if you haven’t made up your playlist for this fantastic season, then here is someone you should definitely put on it. FISHING are Blue Mountain lads who are electronic geniuses using their skills to create beautiful landscapes with their music.

For a while now, FISHING have been travelling Australia playing in small venues spreading their chilled music with the country and we can’t thank them enough. Recently FISHING signed with Yes Please and released some new material and here is just a slice of that pineapple tart, entitled ‘White Street Beach’.

The quiet notes that open the track instantly wash waves over you and relax you as soon as ‘White Street Beach’ starts. Soon a beat is thrown in and the track soon finds a groove to slide its way through your ears. ‘White Street Beach’ is like a tropical wonderland with the song transmitting almost every kind of summery vibe possible out of its intricate notes.

‘White Street Beach’ is available to buy on Bandcamp and iTunes so you can grab this stunning track from either platform and enjoy it over and over again. FISHING are working on their new album which should be out next year so hopefully, new tracks will be released soon so our summer playlists can grow with FISHING at every turn.

Check out more stuff from the duo on their BANDCAMP PAGE

Words by Lauren Payne, check out her street on POSSE.COM



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