LISTEN: Ducktails ‘The Flower Lane’

So we all should know who Real Estate are by now – that dreamy indie pop quartet that release good feels no matter what mood you’re in. You love them, right?

If that’s the case, and you’re not already aware, get on board the DUCKTAILS band wagon stat! The marriage between these two bands is through the familiar face of Matt Mondanile; Real Esatating by day, Ducktailing by night. Not really though, but you get the point..

The Real Estate guitarist created this solo endeavour a few years back and celebrated with his debut, self-titled release in 2009. The music world has since seen a few more LPs come out from the inner workings of Ducktails, and are blessed to know that there is yet another on its way!

The fourth, ten-track record, The Flower Lane, will be released at the end of January of 2013. To celebrate, they’ve released the title track as the first single!

You can hear Real Estate tucked deep in the bedding of ‘The Flower Lane’. It’s as though it’s poking it’s foot out from under the heat of the heavy doona covers. However, this track dips it’s toes into a darker paradise. Still soothed with effortlessly pretty vocals, this melodic track beholds a subtle jazz element. It’s not as Summery as what you’d hear on [Real Estate’s] Days, but it still keeps you warm and happy on lazy afternoons.

What once was a solo, bedroom project, Ducktails has experienced a sense of growth as the new album was recorded and mixed in a studio by Al Carson (Peaking Lights, Oneohtrix Point Never). Not only that, but Mondanile has introduced collaboration as he was backed up by New Jersey band Big Troubles. He was also accompanied by Oneohtrix Point Never‘s Daniel Lopatin, Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin/Airbird, Madeline Follin of Cults, Sam Mehran of Outer Limitz and Jessa Farkas of Future Shuttle.

To be released via Domino Records, they’ve informed us all that we can expect saxophone leads, synth lines and piano accompaniment. Look out for the record in the new year!

Words by Hannah Galvin, check out her street on POSSE.COM



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