WATCH: Saint Lou Lou ‘Maybe You’ (Official Video)

SAINT LOU LOU was created out of sheer boredom by twins Miranda and Elektra Kilbey. Just one year later, this boredom has evolved into a project consisting of two beautiful girls making charming and delightful music.

At only 21 years old, the Swedish-Australian sisters have released a single titled ‘Maybe You’ via the ultra cool French label Kitsune.

The clip for the track was created by fashion director Philippe Tempelman and director of photography Mattias Montero and offers an emotional hardship as the two girls struggle to sustain a relationship with the same guy.

The cinematography is more than gorgeous as Tempelman and Montero encapsulate the emotional setting through the use of his fantastic angles, exquisite lighting and raw expression. It’s completely shot in crisp black and white and is sophisticated in how certain emotions are evoked.

The clip is softened not only by the breathy vocals, but also by the amount of slow panning used throughout. This tends to be further exhibited through the use of the elements – earth, water, wind and fire. Whether it be the purity of the ocean or Elektra pouring half her body out of the window so that it blends into the wind, these elements offer depth to the clip and give it a natural flare.

Upon watching, you’ll soon understand that this stunning video documents the beauty and emotion in people. It’s equally enthralling as it is breathtaking.

Only just recently digitally released, grab an audio file of ‘Maybe You’ on iTunes now, as well as a handful of remixes.

Words by Hannah Galvin



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