LISTEN: Van She ‘Idea Of Happiness’ (Robotaki Remix)

This remix makes me so happy. There’s just something about it, it’s like ROBOTAKI has just gone, “hey, how am I going to go about this… oh, I know, I’ll just make it my idea of happiness.” Smooth man, smooth.

This is one of the better remixes I have heard inspired by VAN SHE‘s greatness. With cute electronic beats that make me think of sunshine and rainbows and shit; this remix makes me want to get up and dance. If this were a club, we would be partaking in a lot of eloquent “this is excellence” and “well done chap, your tunes make me want to engage wholeheartedly in life.” I say eloquent because this isn’t a song to get drunk to.

This is a song to fly kites to. I feel like a really indie group of young adults should be walking through a field right now. Let’s just re-create M83’S ‘We Own The Sky’ video clip to this song. Cheese at its best.

I resolve to end this in the wise words of Dave Behave, some suave dude in the soundcloud interweb: “If I had three thumbs, they would all be up right now.”

Words by Allie Speers



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