More Goss on The Killers ‘Battle Born’ LP

THE KILLERS are fucking awesome… Now I guess that isn’t exactly enough to fill an article, so look, I guess I’ll give you some details about their forthcoming LP release Battle Born.

If you couldn’t tell I am a huge fan of THE KILLERS; Sam’s Town was played on repeat for like a year straight, they were basically the first band I ever obsessed over and they were even have the honor of being the very first band that I saw live (OK so the last point is an outright lie, but they were basically the first band that I am not embarrassed about seeing). Anyway, my point is ever since I first found love for this band I have been like a sponge, soaking up any information about the Las Vegas foursome.

I have followed the guys from their synth-rock roots, to their grandiose stadium rock and back again. And now, four years since Day and Age we will finally have another helping of THE KILLER unique brand of power indie rock with the release of Battle Born.

Bellow I have posted the track listening for their new album, its first video and a couple of the new tracks filmed at a small gig in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Killers – Battle Born – Tracklist

Flesh And Bone
The Way It Was
Here With Me
A Matter Of Time
Deadlines And Commitments
Miss Atomic Bomb
The Rising Tide
Heart Of A Girl
From Here On Out
Be Still
Battle Born
Carry Me Home*
Flesh And Bone (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)*
Prize Fighter*

* indicates that it will only feature on the albums deluxe edition

‘Miss Atomic Bomb’

‘Rising Tide’

‘Flesh And Bone’

Battle Born is out September 17 click here to pre-order the album, and buy a t-shirt too!

THE KILLERS are also scheduled to play BIG DAY OUT

Words By Luke Letourneau



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