LISTEN: Unknown Mortal Orchestra ‘Swim & Sleep (Like A Shark)’

UNKOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA has been pretty quiet since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2011. The band fronted by Ruban Nielson an ex- Mint Chick, has been pretty much off the radar for most of 2012, until now that is.

The band will be releasing their second LP in early 2013 through their new label Jagjaguwar. The album is untitled at the moment, but I’m sure no matter what it’s called, the album will be brilliant.

UNKOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA haven’t told us much about their new album at all however, they have released a new track to get their fans back into the swing of things. The track entitled ‘ Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)’ has been released online and is a lovely track that feels like, as the title suggests, a shark swimming through the ocean on a nice day. The track also gives off a kind of welcoming vibe, like UNKNOWN MOTRAL ORCHESTRA are a group of old friends who’ve gotten back in contact and is showing us what they’ve been up to. It’s all so comforting isn’t it?

Opening with a twangy guitar riff and a pinch of drums, ‘Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)’ gets right into the psychedelic action as Ruban Nielson’s vocals seep into the song like cool lemonade onto cubes of ice. Break-beat drums are featured throughout and are accompanied by a smooth melody and some intoxicating textures.

UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA will be travelling to Australia in December for a few little festivals of ours. On December 30, they’ll be playing at the Pyramid Rock Festival at Philip Island, and on December 31 the band will be in Peats Ridge performing at the Peats Ridge Festival. So really, our old friends are coming back and they’re sure to show us everything they’ve been up to since we last heard from them.

Words by Lauren Paynecheck out her street on POSSE.COM



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