FLASHBACK: David Bowie

It was inevitable really. In fact, why has it taken so long? Any self-respecting music lover has to appreciate the magnificence of the one and only, androgynous spandex suit clad, crimson haired genius that is DAVID BOWIE.

With a total of 26 albums and an alleged shag with Mick Jagger, (I only mention this because they are my all-time favourite ‘alleged’ couple… did I mention of all time?) David Bowie is more of a starman than a real human being.

The man will never go out of style. He will continue to be a musical icon, even after everything else fades into abyss of global warming or Justin Beiber or whatever. His legendary alter-ego ZIGGY STARDUST is the face of 70s music, and also my costume for every fancy dress party I have ever attended. He is not only an icon, but a God.

If there was a David Bowie cult, I would be registered with that shit in an instant. Hopefully a polygamous cult. I wouldn’t put it past Bowie to take an underage bride… right? Guys?

A little musical trivia for you; feel free to pull these baby’s out at your next social gathering. Bowie’s first hit in the UK, 1979’s ‘Space Oddity’ was used in the BBC’s coverage of the moon landing… a bit ironic really. In 1969, Bowie formed his own mime troupe, deeming it Feathers.

That year also housed the birth of his first experimental art ensemble. He shares the same birthday as Elvis Presley. I’m going to stop here and ask the question. It’s kind of like the Beatles v Rolling Stones debate. Bowie or Elvis? Gonna leave that one to hang there and be the elephant in the room.

Words by Allie Speers


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