LISTEN: Chet Faker ‘Terms & Conditions’ (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

I went into this remix with colossal expectations; I should begin with this. CHET FAKER is some sort of reincarnated, well dressed bearded Jesus to me. So initially what I was searching for within NICOLAS JAAR’S remix was a lot of CHET ‘Terms and Conditions’ and… I dunno… some extra beats or something.

Obviously, my expectations were about a kilometre along the wrong side of the scale. This remix is exactly as it’s called. A re-mix. JAAR has completely changed CHET’S track into something new, and as a separate piece, unaffiliated with ‘Terms and Conditions’ it is an excellent piece of djing.

The dude’s got skills, and it’s a testament to what music’s all about. Free form, free expression; creating new things from something that has been done before. I just don’t hear a lot of CHET… that’s all.

But I feel a bit like Adam Sherman when I say all of this. Like maybe I should end with a “kindly disregard this letter.” This is an excellent remix. I thoroughly enjoyed it, that is the end result of all this. Go ahead, check out his track for yourself!

Words by Allie Speers



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