WATCH: Saskwatch ‘Your Love’

Melbournian soul outfit SASKWATCH are a 9 (thats right, 9) piece have been causing a stir all over town. With props from Beat Magazine, this supremely talented group surely have big things in front of them (and I’m not just talking about their audiences).

The video for ‘Your Love’ is a bizarro amalgam of break-dancers, showgirls and ballerinas who are brought together by a Nutty Professor-style conductor. Once he brings them into his lair the conductor turns puppeteer, utilizing the skills of his various subjects in unison. The backing track is quintessentially soul, drawing from the genres greats, like ARETHA FRANKLIN and JAMES BROWN.

If the video for ‘Your Love’ is anything to go by, SASKWATCH are certainly a band to look out for on the live circuit. The entertainment is A ++!

Words by Dominic Sciberras



Growing up in a rural town in Tajikistan, I first discovered my love for music playing in a glam-bourine band called the Prosti-Dudes. Angelina flew me to Los Angeles where I opened an organic foods store and began playing the lute. Purple Sneakers were kind enough to hire me as part of their ‘Foster a Molester’ campaign and I have enjoyed the opportunity to write and contribute to their website.