REVIEW: Saskwatch ‘Leave it All Behind’

Melbourne 9-piece SASKWATCH have just dropped their debut LP ‘Leave it all Behind’, pick it up right now or someone else definitely will!

The collective have been making moves over the past few months: occasional spin on JJJ here, a music video there (Check out  for lead single ‘Your Love’ Here), but the release of ‘Leave it all Behind’ is sure to see this local massif sent to the stratosphere, with the album showcasing neo-soul/funk at its absolute finest.

Opener ‘Delinquent’ really bursts onto the scene, a fast-paced romp really getting the album off to a raucous start. A sexy little rendition of our dearly departed LITTLE RED‘s ‘Coca Cola’ creeps up on you, as does a cover of Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue’s ‘Kids’, but the title track really takes the cake.

There is an air of MARK RONSON about this record. Maybe its the horns, maybe its the soulful melodies of lead singer Nkechi Anele. Either way, I’m sure the English producer-extraordinaire would have loved to get his mits on this one.

The whole album is a treat. Truth be told, we need a whole lot more of this kinda thing coming out of Oz. Don’t let this one pass you by folks.

Words by Dominic Sciberras



Growing up in a rural town in Tajikistan, I first discovered my love for music playing in a glam-bourine band called the Prosti-Dudes. Angelina flew me to Los Angeles where I opened an organic foods store and began playing the lute. Purple Sneakers were kind enough to hire me as part of their ‘Foster a Molester’ campaign and I have enjoyed the opportunity to write and contribute to their website.