Rdio To Increase Catalogue To Over 18 Million Songs

RDIO, aka that digital music service with a ridiculous amount of exclusive and awesome album streams, have just announced two landmark music deals to increase their overall catalogue.

Surely you’ve heard of them, yes? We mean, they’ve only had album streams from DZ Deathrays, DJ Shadow, Van She, Silversun Pickups and a whole heap more all before they’ve been released – plus they’re one of the only places where a stream will actually stay up once it’s up. No biggie really.

And now, in association with CD Baby and TuneCore, a couple of the world’s largest aggregators of independent music, Rdio have just inked a massive deal to bring the three enterprises’ rosters together. These new additions now bring Rdio’s overall catalogue to over 18 million songs and the partnership aims to connect thousands of independent artists with people all over the world.

It’s exciting times in the digital world of music as the CEO of Rdio, Drew Larner, points out: “Independent artists are an important part of Rdio. Because of the seamless nature of music discovery on our service, music from these artists thrives amongst our users”.

This new development may be the largest we’ve seen in a while, but it’s definitely not the first. A bevy of independent artist aggregators have been on board with Rdio since it’s inception in 2010.

So basically, it means that it is going to be that much easier to find your next loved act. And we here at Purple Sneakers are all for any way that helps underrated and unknown artists get their creations to a greater audience, whilst we get to enjoy some sweet sweet tunes.

If you want to get on board with these massive developments, as well as listen to one of the largest catalogues of music in the one place. Head over to Rdio and sign yourself up. There are plenty of exclusive album streams and rarities to find too.

Words by Tom Hutchins


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