LISTEN: Violent Soho ‘Tinderbox’

VIOLENT SOHO are loud, and they play hard. Their new track ‘Tinderbox’ it the band’s first release since their self titled 2010 album. We see Violent Soho growling slightly darker than before, a sound that moves just beyond their grunge roots showcased in previous work. A hell of a listen.

Having just signed with Melbourne based record label I OH YOU Records, it seems like we’ll start to hear more from the Queenslanders. We have even been told to expect a double A-side 7″ later in the year, which set to feature ‘Tinderbox’.

Listening to this track all I can think is that this is some bad ass shit. Like seriously, three minutes and fifty-four seconds of totally ass kicking, fist clenching, explosive, pyromaniacal craziness. I will definitely be staying tuned for more of this.

Words by Luke Letourneau



Sydney kid contributing and interning at Purple Sneakers. I love singing along to music, but I rarely consider getting the words right or even close, I instead let my dancing interpret the music. Keenly interested in art, music and culture, great distractions from the nightmare of partaking in a creative arts uni degree.