LISTEN: Plastic Plates ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Loved’

LA based Sydney groove-ster PLASTIC PLATES sure loves to party. PLASTIC PLATES (real name Felix Bloxsom) has been applying his trade across the US and Europe recently and after an extensive period of live gigging and tours has finally put out an EP, entitled ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Loved’.

Bloxsom‘s particular brand of funky, retro inspired electro has a distinct GEORGE MICHAEL flavour to it (nothing to be scoffed at), spliced with a shoegaze-y, almost VAN SHE-esque edge. The title track is a perfect example of this, while the follow up ‘Toys’ mixes up some tidy electronic production with an 80s era synth hook, which is sure to get all the tragics bumping and jiving. Closer ‘More Than Love’ is similarly upbeat and well worth a spin as part of your pre-night out ritual.

But don’t just take my word for it. Have yourself a preview listen HERE

Check out the recent PLASTIC PLATES remix of the latest VAN SHE‘s single ‘Jamaica’

Words by Dominic Sciberras



Growing up in a rural town in Tajikistan, I first discovered my love for music playing in a glam-bourine band called the Prosti-Dudes. Angelina flew me to Los Angeles where I opened an organic foods store and began playing the lute. Purple Sneakers were kind enough to hire me as part of their ‘Foster a Molester’ campaign and I have enjoyed the opportunity to write and contribute to their website.