LISTEN: Four Tet ‘Peace For Earth’

A delicate composition that channels a Zen mood and electronic energy, the new track from UK-based producer FOUR TET is a subdued version of his abstract work.

The previously unreleased piece off his latest album PINK, ‘Peace For Earth’ stays true to its name with a pending, serene nature to the music.

Delicate and unassuming, ‘Peace For Earth’ spans over eleven minutes, and is comparable to his previous track ‘She Just Likes To Fight’ which was featured on UK TV show Skins. The first minute and half dwindles with twinkling synth before deepening into the engulfing sound and timeless journey through music.

The track is not as emotional or dynamic as earlier works from FOUR TET, but a nod to the tranquil elements of nature. It is very repetitive which creates a meditative effect. There are no vocals worked into the piece and little percussion, so it is easy to lose sense of time. Electronic yet expressive, FOUR TET works different elements of his intricate style into a mystical composition that makes for a unique listen.

You can catch FOUR TET at Meredith Music Festival in November.

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis



Dubbed most likely to revitalise the hippy movement at the end of high school, Antigone is secretly working on a time warp back to 1969.