LISTEN: Deerhoof ‘Fête d’Adieu’

San Francisco trio DEERHOOF release ‘Fête d’Adieu’, another single from their upcoming album Breakup Song. Satomi Matsuzaki’s bright and sweet vocals charms the hell out of your ears, but its intricacy lies in the subtle layers of soft grunge bass lines and simple but raw guitar melodies.

“We went for the Keith Richards-joins-ABBA vibe on this one,” drummer Greg Saunier told Rolling Stone. Driven by sugary melodies and distorted riffs, Fête d’Adieu follows on from DEERHOOF’s other single ‘The Trouble’ with Candyhands’, in which both prove to be promising from the anticipated record. Breakup Song is released 4 September.

Breakup Song track list:

01. Breakup Songs
02. There’s That Grin
03. Bad Kids to the Front
04. Zero Seconds Pause
05. Mothball the Fleet
06. Flower
07. To Fly or Not to Fly
08. The Trouble With Candyhands
09. We Do Parties
10. Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III
11. Fête d’Adieu

Words by Sandy Warhol



A dreamer, I play loops and loops of ethereal sonic wonders but have never trained my fingers to eloquently flow across strings or keys like they do a typewriter keyboard. I spin out poetry in melodies because it is in sound that I want my skin to be immersed.