LISTEN: Cat Power ‘Cherokee’ (Nicholas Jaar Remix)

CAT POWER did not feature on Fuck the Radio’s list of ten potential mothers “for his indie baby” but has always been numero uno on mine.

I would not even hesitate to have babies with Chan Marshall (as Cat Power is known by friends, relatives, and those of us who have spent copious amounts of time following her career… creepily) – that is, if Queensland’s new surrogacy laws weren’t so, you know… fucking ridic.

If it weren’t enough that Marshall aka Power aka The Hypothetical Love of my Life has a voice like Fergie and Jesus and a persona that’s a ball of adorable wrapped up in a twine made of braided cute, her entire discography has dominated my iTunes library since I discovered “good music” in the early years of high school. And now I can rejoice, because there’s about to be some new additions.

The new album Sun is out September 4 and all 11-tracks were produced and performed by Marshall. She’s released a taste of what’s to come with the first single and a remix by experimentalist NICHOLAS JAAR, and they’ll both make Cat Power fans want to weep.

This is more than just a return to fine form for Marshall. It’s daring and delightful, with hints of poppy nuances – synths, beats and Auto-Tune – seen on both ‘Cherokee’ and on the album’s previously released lead single, ‘Ruin’. Think it won’t work? Think again. Not only does it work, but Jaar takes it a step further, creating a dreamy, haunting reworking of Power’s sound.


Words by Cheryl Billman


You may or may not know Cheryl as the girl who’s unhealthily obsessed with Yves Klein Blue. I also swear a lot, and I promise, I’m working on that. Just for you guys. Because I love you.