LISTEN: Bon Iver ‘Perth (Teen Daze Remix)

When the folksy-folks of Grammy award winning band BON IVER announced their ‘Bon Iver: Stems Project’ competition, alarm bells rang.

Designed to “result in a complete fan-inspired recreation of the band’s critically acclaimed and most recent album through the art of remixing”, I was left anticipating an onslaught of oh-so-wrong attempts. Some things are better left untouched, and my beloved bearded musical god Justin Vernon and co. qualified under that.

But when this oh-so-right remix of ‘Perth’ by TEEN DAZE reached my ears, I could breathe easy and have faith in humanity restored once more.

The track emanates mental images of some surreal, slow motion and blurred world, all thanks to those ethereal synths, flowing waves of backing vocals and reverb. Then when the 2:24 mark comes around, you’re suddenly thrown into a whole new dimension flourished with twinkling notes and tambourine loops.

It’s almost like a mystical adventure, without having to leave the comfort of your seat or digesting substances of sorts.

Words by Alean Penaflor



Consumed by sweet melodies, Alean Penaflor suffers from muzak obsessionitis; the inability to see, think or hear anything beyond the realms of the music sphere.