LISTEN: Les Sins ‘Fetch’

LES SINS new track ‘Fetch’ opens with a spooky melody and a beat that kicks in all too soon.

What I thought would be soooooooooooper cool coming from the creator of some great ‘chillwave’ tunes, the side project from Toro Y Moi’s frontman Chaz Bundick comes across, well actually it doesn’t really come across at all… bitch.

Like what actually is this? Everything that makes Toro Y Moi groovy is all but gone and instead replaced with a a repetitive beat and the blandest “Bitch” calls I have ever heard [utterly pointless].

The juxtaposition between the calls of “baby” and “bitch” begins to get a bit much after the trillionth time through and Man! This thing is just so repetitive! and not in a good way either, it just leaves my head spinning and a sour taste in my mouth.

Watching interviews with Chaz, he comes off like a cool guy with a bunch of great influences and a cool attitude towards both music, how it is made and perceived and the world around him, so why then is this ‘Les Sins’ track so devoid of any sort of life?? I’ll just go back to listening to TORO Y MOI now.

Check it out for yourself and comment below with your opinion

Words by Joshua Daydream



Joshua’s being lies in the depths of his guitar, curious about the sounds of the galaxies, his tongue conjures consonants and vowels that are all too quickly carved into silver syllables and smokey silhouettes as his psychedelic fingertips resonate the sounds of golden afternoons. Music student / Sound freak / Effects pedal head / Poetic soul / Sonic mind / Online contributor and part-time writer.