DOWNLOAD: Van She ‘Jamaica’ (Unicorn Kid Remix)

I remember the first time I saw VAN SHE play live. I was in grade 9, and had my own version of a mullet cut that apparently made me look like Suzie Quatro. VAN SHE was on the Rock the Schools tour, and had just released their debut album V.

Now four years after that tremendous day, VAN SHE has released their new album Idea of Happiness. The album is a tropical wonderland on disc and since winter is officially over, you may want to put this album on that summer playlist I know you’re all putting together.

One of my favourite songs on Idea of Happiness is ‘Jamaica’. With an intro that reminds you of those tropical tin drums; ‘Jamaica’ mixes light synths and lead singer Matt Van Schie’s vocals with those tropical tins to create an electronic masterpiece fit for a day relaxing by the pool.

And if you love the sound of that, you’ll love Modular People’s release of the Jamaica Remixes EP. The EP is a blissful collection of ‘Jamaica’ remixes including this one by UNICORN KID. UNICORN KID has transformed the tropical tune into a trance-y track using harder synths and a heavy dance beat.

You can download the remix from Modular People’s Soundcloud or buy the full EP on iTunes now. You better get those coconut cups ready people!

Words by Lauren Payne



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