DJ Shadow Streams New Release On Rdio

DJ SHADOW is one of the most phenomenal DJs of our generation. Not only is he amazingly talented, he is also pretty generous.

It has just been announced that Shadow will be releasing a new collection of tracks, well new in the sense that you probably haven’t heard them before. Basically it’s an archival release of tracks that were made exclusively between 1992 and 1996 on his Akai MPC, and he’s named it – Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions from the MPC Era, 1992-1996.

The package is an in depth retrospective of the work Shadow had been creating before anyone even knew who he was. Some of the highlights include, instrumentals from his 1994 EP with The Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious) which was eventually shelved as well as plenty of demo’s that never made it to the critically acclaimed debut LP, Entroducing…, in 1996. And the best part, you can stream the entire thing through RDIO right now.

If you need any more convincing, you just need to look back at his career to date. With three massive albums and plenty of EP in between to keep fans happy under his belt – Shadow also moonlights (see what we did there) as one of the most prolific producers of our time. Putting his skills behind the scenes for taste-making acts such as, UNKLE and Thom Yorke, he has demonstrated time and time again that he is an incredible asset to the global Electronic scene.

Total Breakdown is out now digitally as well as on Vinyl and CD, but we suggest you try before you buy below thanks to our pals over at RDIO. But then buy it, because it’s pretty damn great.

Words by Tom Hutchins



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