ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Reptile Youth’s Self Titled Debut LP

The incredibly energetic Danish duo REPTILE YOUTH have announced the release of their much anticipated debut self-titled album.

It’s an LP to get excited about as it is sure to possess the electro-punk-pop goodness that the boys have exhibited through their previous singles such as ‘Speeddance’ and ‘Black Swan Born White’ that were released this year through their label hfn music.

An album carefully thought out and confidently executed, specific tracks have been described as “pure aural bliss,” “a biblical electro-rock jam,” and “a surefire live favourite with a filthy synth line destined to loosen hips around the world.” Excited yet? Well you should be!

The outfit’s co-manager and executive producer Kasper Bjorke has stated that “The album captures exactly that same madness and dynamics that the band master on stage and that was exactly what we were aiming for.” If Bjorke is a man true to his word, this album is sure to be fucking awesome. You’ll know what I mean after watching their ‘Speeddance’ clip:

The album was produced in London by the iconic Dave M. Allen (The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Human League) and Mark Ralph (Hot Chip, Filthy Dukes).

With Summer not too far away, this record couldn’t be dropped at a more appropriate time as it is set to be released on 28th September via hfn music/Balance Music. The catchy as hell tunes that REPTILE YOUTH have come to be known for will make you want to take all your clothes off and dance forever, much like model Alyona Shishmareva in the duo’s brand new clip ‘Shooting Up Sunshine.’

Words by Hannah Galvin



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