WATCH: The Walkmen ‘The Love You Love’

THE WALKMEN‘s latest video, shot in black and white, at first shows some of the footage backwards. So broken things come back together to form one whole again and fly up into the air. I think that looks really cool. Just saying.

The song is ‘The Love You Love.’ The clip stars bassist Peter Bauer‘s son, Otis. The kid is cute, but also creepy and psychic. It appears that he likes to smash things, scream, play with sparklers draw on the walls and you know, move stuff around with his mind like any child is want to do. In this crazy modern world, it’s the norm. Frontman Hamilton Leithauser is someone you don’t want watching your kids obviously because he’s busy singing inside a television screen. It’s all a bit chaotic here.

We talk about the song itself in the context of a review of their latest album Heaven HERE. 

Words by Hannah Story.



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