WATCH: Spooky Land ‘Home Girl’

The conduit for the the scribbled musings of Sydney talented young fella/muso/dude Marcus Gordon, as in SPOOKY LAND is back for 2012 with some brand new tunes and a video. (By the way we featured them a few months back 

When we last saw this guy live, we couldn’t help but approach him and ask to purchase a copy of his debut EP, Kill One Bird With Two Stones. The songs were folk ballads: misery wrapped in despair, adventures in far-off lands, sensual seconds captured in a few minutes strumming an acoustic guitar. It was exactly what we were after.

This video comes from the upcoming album A Sunburnt Punk Miracle. As the opening quote testifies, the song signals an evolution for the singer-songwriter. A sun is imposed upon the footage throughout the whole clip adding a bit of a western tinge, the kind of thing only amplified by soulful harmonica. The subject reads, smokes, pines: a visual representation of the hero described in the lyrics. He and his love interest share cigarettes, laugh and examine weapons. They’re to accompany an eclectic musician’s almost bluegrass-style track.

A Sunburnt Punk Miracle is out later this year.

Words by Hannah Story.



Hannah’s best friend describes her writing as 'like Hunter S. Thompson, except less engaging and less good.' Her boyfriend says she’s 'a good writer, but couldn’t beat Ernest Hemingway in a fight.' Apt. If you want a healthy dose of shoegaze, look no further.