WATCH: Santigold ‘The Keepers’

The most recent addition to SANTIGOLD’s video catalouge requires somewhat of a self interpretation. Directed by the artist herself, the piece’s feel seems to be very true to her signature style.

The most recent single off of her recent album, ‘Master Of My Make Believe’, ‘The Keeper’ illudes to be a casual critique on society. The video itself reflects the somewhat anthemic track in an interesting light; washed out with green filters and a fabulous array of blonde wigs, SANTIGOLD has created a very challenging opportunity for portrayal. Even the YouTube comments are going nuts, with an array of different interpretations being thrown around into cyberspace.

Each viewing highlights a new hidden issue you didn’t notice the first time. With the obvious seating of the nucleic American family, amongst them being SANTIGOLD, the issues and self-perception begin here. They watch their world fall apart right in front of them, however they so very obliviously choose to ignore it. Drive-By shootings, a visit from the obviously dying milk man, and a somewhat sickening meal, results in a strange and utterly ignorant reaction.

The lyrics “Our house is burning down” are literally highlighted in the final scene of the clip, slowly panning up to the burning house. Interpret this as you will, SANTIGOLD has succeeded in creating a stunning work of art.

Words by Caitlin Medcalf



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