WATCH: Northeast Party House ‘Pascal Cavalier’

Melbourne group NORTHEAST PARTY HOUSE have just unveiled their music video to accompany new single ‘Pascal Cavalier’.

Pascal is an anonymous party animal who’s bringing fun to his friends and the video does feel like some sort of house party getting a bit rowdy. Everybody’s familiar with the classic game of Twister but this one evolves into something a bit cheekier…

Directors Ribal & Gil have brought a more playful take to a Northeast video, compared to the previous dreamy clip for ‘Empires’. There are no band members on screen but a collection of models writhing around in paint, while a blindfolded man, who we can only assume is Pascal himself, watches on.

The energetic synth-heavy tune is brought to life by a messy mix of coloured paint but the shots seem slow for what is a lively dance track. We cut in and out from close-ups of Twister action to a blindfolded Pascal in a dark, dimly lit room. The groovy bass of the verses builds up to an upbeat and catchy chorus reminiscent of 80s pop classics.

When Pascal walks away “he says it’s fun”, the vid turns into a full-blown rave and Ribal & Gil make us feel like we’re in the thick of it. This take on NPH focuses on their ability to loosen up a crowd and encourage everyone to get a bit silly.

It’s not a work of art but it’s addictive to watch.

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis.



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