WATCH: Jungle Giants ‘She’s a Riot’

Imagine a 4-piece band stuck in a room together for an extended period of time. Havoc ensues. Things get trashed. But not so for Brisbane group THE JUNGLE GIANTS, who have just released a music video for their single ‘She’s A Riot’.

We see the foursome only in one room for the clip, with kids birthday flags pinned around the room and plenty of joking around with the camera.

The rotating shot follows each band member for their own little jam. Lead guitarist Cesira Aitken doesn’t pull any funny faces like her male counterparts, just flicking her hair and playing her tune. It’s a fun friendly video for a feel-good track but the constant movement can make you feel a bit dizzy.

There is no romance in the clip, just the band in their super-bright outfits. And towards the end, they have some friends to party with and chant along ‘We don’t care’. Fans of THE KOOKS and LAST DINOSAURS are most likely to appreciate this indie-pop.

THE JUNGLE GIANTS have their EP coming out Friday July 27 and their first interstate tour to follow in August.

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis



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