WATCH: Israel Cannan ‘From the Start’

Right now, I bet you’re thinking… “ISRAEL CANNAN… gosh, that name seems familiar! Wait… Isn’t he that dude who was in that movie Newcastle and who jumped in a van back in 2010 to busk his way right around Australia on a three month mission to bring his music to the streets?”

And yes… you’d be correct.

After embarking on yet another musical adventure, this time crossing the sea’s into Old London Town; Cannan has been busily preparing what is sounding out to be an epic new release and score some killer support slots for the likes of Passenger, Matt Corby, Sarah Blasko and Anias Mitchell while he’s at it!

Now he is sending us all a tasty little souvenir called ‘From the Start’, as a warming appetizer for his brand spankin’ new release, ready to be devoured in just a few months time. Maintaining Cannan’s quintessential raw, earthly tones that captured our hearts in previous album Walk; ‘From the Start’ is like a hug for the soul adding a pleasantly more fervent splash to the enchanting sounds that is Israel Cannan.

Just you try not to gently sway along and fall in love with this darling of a tune! – I dare you!

Words by Chloe Webb.



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