Van She ‘Idea of Happiness’ Album RDIO Exclusive

VAN SHE‘s single ‘Idea of Happiness’ is amazing. It’s taken the radio waves by storm, swept through dance floors, bars and is probably on your iPod, and is the kind of song you’ll find yourself humming absentmindedly as you’re wandering along down the street. I am a huge fan of that song – but it’s only the first single off VAN SHE‘s album Idea of Happiness and we get to see the rest of what they’ve been working on in just 4 days, with the release date set for the 6th of July – unless you’re on RDIO, where Modular have exclusively pre-released the entire album for your listening pleasure from today.

There’s quite the hype around it, Modular describing it as:

Fluid tropical rhythms saturated in slinky synth bass and the atmosphere from mid summer night dreams. Club (Med) ready coconut funk, mojito pop, prom night slow jams. Catamaran rock, whimsical FLEETWOOD MAC rips, and unapologetic love songs. This is VAN SHE‘s Idea Of Happiness. It’s relaxed but precisely sharp, savvy but not up tight, extremely open and sincere but always on the right side of cringe-worthy.

That’s a lot to live up to, but if VAN SHE pull it off, it will be amazing.

In the meantime, there are a whole hosts of remixes for ‘Idea of Happiness’ – and if you just want the best ones in a neat package, Modular are also offering a Remix Bundle EP. Check out the SEBASTIAN remix here:

Words by Desiree Conceicao.



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