TOP FIVES: Cheryl Billman

Cheryl Billman is one of our beloved writers. We love our writers. We love showcasing their talents. We love talking to them about alternative music. We love talking to them about that music and then asking them for their favourites. HERE GOES.

Top 5 albums
The Troggs- From Nowhere…
Frank Sinatra- That’s Life
Cat Power- The Greatest
Bombay Bicycle Club- I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose
Yves Klein Blue- Draw Attention to Themselves

Top 5 Australian Artists
The Go-Betweens
Sarah Blasko
The Rubens
Ball Park Music
Owl Eyes

 Top 5 tracks you have on repeat right now
Gold Lion – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Locomotive (Acoustic) – Alex Winston
Never Leave – Zulu Winter
Error Playin’ – My Own Pet Radio
Terms and Conditions – Chet Faker

Top 5 gigs you’ve been to
Lykke Li @ Parklife ’11
Misere @ Bowler Bar ‘11
Die Antwoord @ Future Music Festival ’12
Velociraptor @ Woodland
Best Coast @ Woodland

Top 5 places for a night out in Sydney/Australia/The World
Alhambra, Brisbane
Mana Bar, Brisbane
Bowler Bar, Brisbane
Bar Lupin in Ginza, Tokyo
RED (in the IFC), Hong Kong

Top 5 Music/Entertainment Sites (other than Purple Sneakers, of course)
Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson’s ‘Being Lara Bingle’ live blogs
(Mum, if you’re reading this, please stop now.)

Top 5 songs to lose your virginity to
Paradise Circus (Zed’s Dead Remix) – Massive Attack
You Really Got a Hold On Me – The Small Faces
Kaleidoscope – Tiesto ft. Jonsi
Satellite Heart – Anya Marina
Song # 2- Blur

 Top 5 places you’ve woken up after a big night out
On a bed of empty McDonald’s cartons and a cloud of regret
Covered in jelly, sharing a sleeping bag with a friend on a slab of concrete
Beside a glass of water, a Berocca, two Panadol and a chicken and cheese sandwich
On a lounge chair by my best friend’s pool… in the middle of winter
In Ipswich


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