NITE SOCIETY: Feat. Stoney Roads DJs and Tomderson

July 27 Canberra-ites will be making their way to NITE SOCIETY to have their ears and their feet treated to the sounds of STONEY ROADS DJs, TOMDERSON and the regular ‘all-night-long’ Resident Jam Fam.

Starting four years ago Stoney Roads has been a highly influential music blog run by pals WOW and UBBS. They have a strong affinity for, and a huge catalogue of most genres of dance. The guys know sounds and are well trained in the art of making people move. Expect the pair to weave together anything from a jacking house style to dub clomping stomper set.

Tomderson has taken up many times on this site, whether it be his guest mix for Ripe TV, his own recent Mixtape, or just the general lover from his fellow CANT SAY residents, its clear to see that the dude is making waves and a lot of fans. Expect big things from this guy in the near future.

Spread throughout the night will be NITE SOCIETY‘s Jam Farm to keep the energy high and the blissful sounds coming with sets from ARCHITECT DJs, EDDIE SHAGGZ, LESS THAN THREE and THE GENTLEMAN.

Get ready and get excited for another Saturday NITE SOCIETY party!



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