LISTEN: Heavenly Beat ‘Faithless’

This tune from HEAVENLY BEAT is playful, pretty and reminiscent of sipping a warm coffee in a quaint French café.

The strumming of the bass tip toes throughout the song making ‘Faithless’ catchy and combined with prickly guitar to compliment the frothy vocal tones that ring throughout. The endearing guitar solo stands out as the highlight of the tune and is mixed with rising synth creating an original sound from Heavenly Beat. A steady clap adds depth to the fruity elements of this song and the sweet lyrics make you feel like you are slowly watching honey drip from your fingertips.

‘Faithless’ is a song you cannot help but stare into its eyes and be softly taken away by the romance of it all. I double-dare you not to hopelessly fall in love with what Heavenly Beat have produced for all you lucky, love struck listeners out there.

This is definitely something for the lovebirds to be tweeting about.

Words by Jessica Holton



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