LISTEN: Good Heavens ‘It’s Not Easy Being Mean’

GOOD HEAVENS are Rice is Nice‘s latest garage signing. We checked them out at the Rice is Nice party and decided they were a band that we were going to keep an eye on.

They’ve come from bands with notoriety. Sarah Kelly, singer and guitarist was in theredsunband, whilst bassist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett were both in Wolfmother once upon a time. ‘It’s Not Easy Being Mean’ is their first single.

Less than three minutes of concentrated, layered, garage sound make up this strong debut. Drawing upon the grunge acts and larger Australian rock bands of yore, Good Heavens have immediately carved themselves a niche. Within that niche are Kelly‘s delicate feminine vocals which only add to the angst-ridden chord progressions, and an ever-changing tempo. The quietness of the third verse makes the chorus burst. The song is about all those jerks you can’t help but know, but would rather not have to encounter so frequently. They make bad jokes. And this band is not impressed.

Debut album, Strange Dreams, is out August 17.

Words by Hannah Story.



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