LISTEN: Corin Tucker Band ‘Groundhog Day’

Remember how Corin Tucker wails? You know, like the way she did in Sleater-Kinney? No!? Well lucky we’re here reminder you of this strong woman’s war-cry. 

Her latest incarnation is in the CORIN TUCKER BAND. It’s basically her own solo thing, with the help of Sara Lund and Seth Lorinczi. Her first album, 2010’s 1000 Years, a “middle-aged mum record” was deservedly given a bit of airplay. Kill My Blues is thus her sophomore release, and from which the featured track, ‘Groundhog Day’ springs.

The track is a piece of riot grrl fury. She quietly goes through what she’s been up to in her off period from music as well as the larger context – like say politics, and wails in each chorus about how we are all living in slow motion. Perhaps we are. Luckily we’ve got her music to speed us all up again; with an upbeat tempo, jangling guitars and punk chord progressions. It’s short. It’s crisp. It’s clear. Our Tucker is back.

Check it out over at Pitchfork.

Kill My Blues is out September 18.

Words by Hannah Story.



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