LISTEN: Angel Haze ‘Werkin’ Girls’

ANGEL HAZE spits rhymes quicker than a bullet train in her latest tune, ‘Werkin Girls’. She comes off like a female BUSTA RHYMES while using pure attitude and a beat that unfolds like bubbles popping in the crisp winter air. Haze tells the listeners that “You bitches ‘bout to be Casper”, rapping about how money is the only thing she’s after.

The tune spells out a different theme, screaming that the only thing HAZE will be getting from this track is acclaim and millions of remixes. It’s refreshing to hear a female rapper spouting lyrics from the business side of things using just the right amount of dirt to make this tune pretty bad ass.

‘Werkin Girls’ should be the menacing theme song for all those bitches out there looking to make a buck or two while intimidating the living hell out of the touted ‘glass ceiling’. Insightful, intimidating and downright debauched- its time to get those pencil skirts on girls and start werkin’.

Words by Jess Holton



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