INTERVIEW: Northeast Party House

NORTHEAST PARTY HOUSE have gained a reputation for their energetic live performances, moving quickly from warehouse parties to national festivals. The band now has a new single out ‘Pascal Cavalier,’ which continues on their eighties dance fusion indie electronica style.

We’ll also be seeing Northeast Party House touring Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane next month with a house-party esque intimate dance-worthy show. Definitely a new act to check out, it should be a fun night. Lead vocalist, Zach Hamilton-Reeves, spoke to PURPLE SNEAKERS about the tour, after parties, and pant-less traditions.

What can we expect from the upcoming single launch gigs?
They’re going to hold a similar vibe to the rest of our shows, which is high energy and inclusive, we hope that people don’t feel like they can’t get up close and dance and get wild but I think we’re going to play some new tricks and maybe be a little more risky with some things. But yeah, you’ll have to come and see!

Can you tell us a bit more about the new single ‘Pascal Cavalier’? Who is Pascal?
We don’t even know! I always thought it was about someone who’d be pretty similar to Jesus. If he was not the son of God, if he was just some dude with some sick powers, having a fun time travelling around. Jackson thought he was a bit more of a wizard. Sean thought he was pimp…we kind of wrote it with different thoughts in mind and it’s kind of become this mystery to us which is a bit of fun.

When is the best time of day to listen to Northeast Party House?
I reckon probably at night, but we’ve got softer tracks, it might be nice to wake up to as well. The whole idea of our stuff is that you’re kind of meant to be getting crazy to it and kind of replicate a house party.

Will we be seeing a follow-up music video to 2011’s ‘Empire’?
There’s one to be released quite soon actually…but it’s a surprise.

And a new album is coming out early 2013?
That’s the plan. We’ll try pump it out as soon as possible. We’re always trying to write, so yeah, it’s in progress. It should be good. And if it’s not, you probably won’t hear it!

How do you guys know you’ve produced a good song?
There’s a bit of a tradition in the band and that’s if you’re really happy and really excited about a track you gotta drop your pants. Most of the time [everyone commits to it]. Jackson’s the biggest culprit – he’s right on it when it’s going good. I don’t know, you just kind of look around and everyone’s happy and the vibe’s going and we’ll be getting stupid and then yeah, somebody will have their pants dropped. That’s it, that’s the track!

Northeast lost their bass player in May, how’s the transition been?
I mean it’s been a pretty smooth transition. We looked and found and we’ll see how it goes. His name’s Ollie, he’s pretty good. He’s really good! I mean the whole band started all going off from our school, so that was six people all going from the same school and now there’s only three of us. And so the new guys that have come in are definitely as much of the band as we are, and it’s awesome that there are new people and that it’s all worked out for the well.

What do you think you would be doing otherwise?
I think I would have been a lawyer. That was my life goal…I thought a lawyer, through high school, is a really good one because they seem to be cashed up and have fun. I don’t think that they really have fun – I think that they have shit lives and I’m living a better one!

Are you excited about the Australian music scene at the moment?
There are definitely sick bands popping up all over the place. I mean MILLIONS for example, I always stick around and watch their show…They’re just awesome people and it’s just sick to meet these guys as well. I think our scene, the Australian scene, is just starting to take off as well. There are good musicians everywhere, good bands and solos and duos, I’m just excited in general to see where everything goes. Things are about to get wacky I reckon!

Anything else you’d like to add?
We like to go out after shows so if anybody wants to go to a cool place…last time we played in Brisbane someone took us into a swimming pool that we got to break into. Sick summer night jumping off the diving boards! If someone can top that I’d love that.

Check out Northeast Party House’s EP, and tour dates bellow.


The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Supported by City Calm Down, I Oh You DJs and Diamond
Tickets via Corner Box Office (57 Swan St, Richmond) | 03 9486 1677

Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
Supported by Panama and Colour Coding
Tickets on sale now via Moshtix| 1300 GET TIX

Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane
Supported by The Belligerents and Fairchild Republic
Tickets on sale now via Oztix –  | 1300 762 545

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis


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