LISTEN: Fools Gold Compilation ‘Clubhouse Vol. 1’ ft Anna Lunoe

By the hands of our man A-TRAK and his buddy ol’ pal NICK CATCHDUBS comes the wondrous joy that is the label ‘Fool’s Gold’, and from that, ‘Fool’s Gold Clubhouse’ is born. This first installment features Aussie gal ANNA LUNOE.

‘Clubhouse’ is a series of free compilations that are dropped monthly, and will feature a bunch of artists from both in and outside the label – win!

The first compilation that has been bought forward to our ever-awaiting ears is appropriately named, ‘Volume 1’, and is appropriately pretty fucking good. Featuring artists such as XXXCHANGE, SAMMY BANANAS and OSCAR LUWEEZ, this gang has got you covered. From dirty dubby sounds right through to some perfect end-of-a-long-shitty-day more relaxed vibes, you want it? You got it.

Closing out the mix is the lovely ANNA LUNOE with her first solo track ‘Up and Down’ which acts as the perfect ending to these party jams. She confesses to those dedicated enough to lurk her blog, (I’m not ashamed) that the track was written during “some kind of lonely girl moment.” Oh Anna.

She also instructs us to get down to this tune, and more importantly to “feel weird” – well, you heard the woman, get cray.

Listen to the complete Fool’s Gold Volume 1 HERE

Words by Adriana Barro


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