FLASHBACK: Machine Gun Fellatio

Oh Yeah. We went there. I was only a young wart-hog in MACHINE GUN FELLATIO‘s heyday and quite honestly had no idea what Pinky Beecroft was singing about in his band’s breakthrough hit ‘Pussytown’.

For all I knew, Pussytown was a quaint little village were felines would gather to drink milk and act aloof. Oh, sweet innocence…

And did the band know how to party or WHAT?!?! Anyone who had the pleasure of seeing them live (and witnessing the full frontal nudity of bassist Ross Johnston) knows exactly what I’m talking about. The stage was a circus, an orgy of theatrics and spectacle-it was impossible to keep your eyes on just one band member.

The particular tune in question, however, is sure to hold your gaze. The retro horns, throbbing bass and Beecroft’s seductive euphemi-zing (yes, its a word) will no doubt get the blood circulating. Even writing about it gets me a little tingly.

Seriously. Try NOT getting in the mood.

Words by Dominic Sciberras



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