WATCH: M83 ‘Reunion’ (Official Video)

Those creepy little telekinetic kiddies from the M83 ‘Midnight City’ video are back with another instalment in their matter moving mind games series of clips, this time for the band’s second single ‘Reunion’.

Having escaped from what seemed to be some kind of top secret institution vaguely reminiscent of the X-Men, we find them up to their burning blue-eyed antics on the roof of a high-rise where the authorities pick up their scent and take up the chase once again.

The kids have a more formidable foe this time in the form of an evil (because she has glowing red-eyes) little lady who looks a tad grumpy at having being left behind with the grown ups.  The resulting showdown includes some pretty swish effects (It wouldn’t surprise me if they had a bigger budget than American Pie: Reunion) and leaves the saga open to the prospect of impossibly French sounding directors Fleur and Manu turning the story into a trilogy.

As a song, ‘Reunion’ drew the short-straw in getting asked to directly follow ‘Midnight City’ on last years masterpiece Hurry Up We’re Dreaming but ended up becoming a highlight itself by amazingly taking things up a gear when most of us thought it not possible.  This clip manages to do like-wise and has the makings of being the best music video series since a couple of fellow Frenchmen in robot suits went all Manga on Discovery.

More history behind this film clip and info on official ‘Reunion’ remixes HERE

Words by Brad Davies



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