WATCH: Beach House ‘Lazuli’

The stunning dream pop of BEACH HOUSE‘s ‘Lazuli,’ as described HERE, with its sci-fi, sound-effectish keyboard introduction is beautifully complimented by a retro cum space-age film clip.

Think pastel kitchen and explosive eggs juxtaposed against grim junkyard chic, morphing into futuristic triangular graphics. A girl in a sundress spasm-dancing in front of a static TV (not of the plasma variety) is juxtaposed against a red-nosed drunk in a dingy pub wandering zombie-like into a George Lucas landscape towards a burning bright light.

The vivid imagery herein is a mash-up of stylised films such as Donnie Darko, Super 8 and Requiem For A Dream. Watch it in full-screen and bliss out to the lush Beach House. 

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Words by Rebecca McCann.


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