WATCH: Autoerotique ‘Roll The Drums’ (Cinematic Preview)

I’m a Dim Mak fan, in a big way – The T-shirt-wearing-Wikipedia-article-editing-fan-boy type way. Drooling over indie doof doof music is a guilty pleasure of mine that I don’t normally like to share, but every now and then a release rolls around that’s just too exciting to contain. AUTOEROTIQUE’s new EKG EP features some pretty heavy and loud stuff – and when it comes to this type of brick-wall head-banging electro shit, the louder and heavier the better.

While I dig Dim Mak’s brand of electro trash…Horror movies on the other hand, I do not. I crap my pants at the slightest startling surprise, so any movie designed with no other purpose than to scare the living shit out of you is an absolute no-no for my super-jumpy self.
This is where my job gets difficult, because on one hand there’s the new AUTOEROTIQUE video clip, but on the other hand is the fact that it’s got more split-second flashes of B-movie-style blood and gore than a Tarantino movie marathon. Oh, and a scene where there’s a dildo flying over Egypt and Paris…What the fuck did I just watch?

Audio-wise, ‘Roll the Drums’ could have me kicked out of a nightclub for jumping around like a maniac. Video-wise, it makes you feel like when you were a young kid and you accidently stumbled upon some terrifying art-house film that left you scared and confused.

Watch it and see how it leaves you feeling.

Words by Fuck the Radio.



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