Our Top 5 David Letterman Appearances

It took a lot of restraint to not just write an article comprised entirely of haphazardly pasted entertaining videos. There would have no doubt been an abundance of kittens in cute poses. We decided that was absurd; we had to come up with a theme.

And it just so happened that all the videos we found involve Letterman, and indie musicians, artists, filmmakers, actors…. It was an interesting few hours. A great few hours. Here at the PURPLE SNEAKERS office, we encourage you to procrastinate in style with this here list.

5. An actual band- The Vines’ Craig Nicholls goes a bit nuts to the endless frustration of Mr. Letterman.

4. Harmony Korine is the filmmaker behind that bizarre The Black Keys clip. He is cool as fuck and his relationship with Letterman has been fraught with ill sentiments. Essentially every time he is interviewed, Korine is vaguely coherent and Letterman tries to mock a man who is his intellectual superior. This is our favourite of their many encounters

3. Joaquin Phoenix decides to undertake a rap career for the sake of friend Casey Affleck‘s mockumentary, I’m Still Here. This was the role of Phoenix‘s career. Watch what happens when an actor takes their new role way way so seriously it overtakes their everyday life, and infuriates poor Letterman.

2. Crispin Glover is a nut. Enough said.

1. We cheated- This does not involve DL (THANK GOD!) but is pretty much our favourite. Beck (who is coming to Harvest remember?) and Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore are so loaded that they can barely interact with each other. Getting a musician to interview another musician was always going to be a mistake.

Words by Hannah Story.


Hannah’s best friend describes her writing as 'like Hunter S. Thompson, except less engaging and less good.' Her boyfriend says she’s 'a good writer, but couldn’t beat Ernest Hemingway in a fight.' Apt. If you want a healthy dose of shoegaze, look no further.