FREE DOWNLOAD: Softwar ‘Colour Flight #2 Purple Mix’ + Interview

Having just this morning been announced for the entire 2012 PARKLIFE FESTIVAL tour, Australian laid-back disco superheroes SOFTWAR have kindly granted us an awesome and appropriately colour co-ordinated free mixtape ahead of their headline slot at next week’s NITE SOCIETY event in Canberra.

Describing themselves as two body builders from Sydney, Softwar are Myles Du Chateau & Jeremy Lloyd, and they make some terrific music. Sit down with Purple Sneakers and get to know them like we did…

When and how did Softwar begin?
2004 was the year. Around that time we were running parties together and that’s kinda how everything began. We also formed a group for sci fi books and hung out weekly at these meetings.

How have you found gaining recognition in the local dance scene?
To be honest, It’s been a little slow for us so it’s very pleasing to have a small handful of people into what we are doing. Sydney can be like a small country town so when things start to gather it can happen very quickly.

Is it (the Sydney dance scene) a strong community?
Yes. Most people producing and throwing parties know each other and kinda party together. At times it can have a really competitive edge but generally everyone is down to help out.

What influences do you take into your own music?
A lot of 80’s 90’s originals. Guys like Maceo Plex and Soho 808 are two major guys we love and follow.

The latest EP, This Time Around, has been out for a couple of months now – How do you feel it’s been received?
It’s been good. A lot of great feedback and people playing it out which is cool. It’s been good to play it in our sets and see a solid reaction.

On top of this, you’ve managed to remix a number of massive international acts recently. What do you enjoy more, remixing or creating originals?
Originals for sure. There is something really satisfying about starting from scratch and creating your own song. It’s really exciting to think that it could be a big tune. It gives us a major buzz and one of the main reasons we enjoy producing so much.

Do the two processes differ greatly?
Yeah a lot. It’s a lot harder to come up with something original nowadays. Remixing gives you a fairly big head-start with the thought process..

What kind of tunes will we hear on the upcoming mixtape?
Heaps of sweaty house music.

What is the wildest thing that’s happened at a Softwar show?
Nude fans resulting in nude brawls.

What can we expect from the show at Nite Society?
Lots of good times, fruit and passion.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
More producing, more remixing and hopefully as a result a little more action overseas and sexually. Oh and a lot more cooking. We Love cooking.

Grab a free download of the live recorded Colour Flight Mix Series Volume 2 ‘Purple’ Mixtape below

You can follow SOFTWAR on Facebook to keep up to date with all their gigs and music.

Check them out at NITE SOCIETY Canberra on June 29, more info HERE

Words By Tom Hutchins



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