LISTEN: Muscles ‘Ready For A Fight’ (Airwolf Remix)

Oh MUSCLES, where would we be without him? And although for a while there I thought we’d lost him, he’s back with his new album Manhood which is set to be released later this week.

He’s come out with the first track off the album ‘Ready For a Fight’, and evidently, the man’s still got sass. While I’m a big fan of the track, between you and me, it’s AIRWOLF’s remix that really does it for me.

This remix is an absolute banger and if it doesn’t make you want to party on down, something is so very wrong with you my friend – I suggest you get that shit checked out.

The tune has a killer beat and the video game-esque sounds it features make me feel as though I’ve been sucked into a real life Mario Party (sigh, if only they existed.) The track incorporates the original in a very big way, but changes the tone from that of the relatively dark almost mechanical original to a faster paced dance party frenzy- and I like it better this way, thanks Airwolf!

Check out Airwolf‘s Top Fives HERE.

Words by Adriana Barro.


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