LISTEN: M.I.A. ‘Bad Girls’ Switch Remix

M.I.A.’s song ‘Bad Girls’ is full of attitude and swank. It’s the kind of song that I play whenever someone doesn’t let me do something because I’m a girl. It’s like it captures that whole spirit of ‘girl power’ except with bad-assery in place of the kitschiness, and more along the lines of ‘bitch, watch me do whatever I want’ rather than ‘girls, you can do anything if you believe in yourself’. It subverts cultural ideas and norms of women’s roles and their perceived meekness.

I’m not at all suggesting that it’s a song just for girls – it’s got those strong beats, the catchy hooks and the gangster rap that anyone who appreciates music can enjoy. And if it paints a different portrait of women to the stereotype, it’s probably aimed towards men just as much, to challenge their ideas of femininity.

But a song that I already really respected just got so much better. SWITCH remixed ‘Bad Girls’ with MISSY ELLIOTT, RYE RYE, and AZEALIA BANKS. If I had to describe it in one word, that word would probably be ‘Epic’. Luckily I don’t have to stick to just one word, so let me add to that description that this song is really fucking amazing. It starts off with some slower beats, but the added rap, the sped up beats, the drops, the hits – they add a whole new dimension to the song. It’s generally slower, but in some parts gets really frenzied. It’s got even more attitude than the original, the rhymes are hard hitting and the music is mixed so that it changes tempo in a way that’s perfectly conducive to dancing.

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.

Words by Desiree Conceicao.



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