LISTEN: Hot Chip’s Radio 1 Essential Mix

The good people over at Radio 1 don’t dick around, so when they slap the word “essential” on something, you know they’re for realzies. Not to mention, HOT CHIP have been purveyors of the quintessentially retro-cool since I was in high school, and are nigh on guaranteed to know what’s up.

(Listen Hot Chip’s dancerfloor smash ‘Night and Day’ HERE)

In their Essential Mix, there’s a little bit of Prince, a little bit of Cameo, some Auntie Flo, and just enough Wiley to stop it from sounding too much like the soundtrack to the ritualistic, semi-annual gathering of drunken Prado-driven mothers that used to occur next door to mine.

It’ll only be available for a few more days online, so make sure you head on over to the website to listen to it soon.

Listen Now on Radio One

Words by Cheryl Billman.



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