LISTEN: Astronomar & Swick ‘Horse Code’ EP

CANT SAY resident SWICK and Seattle-based producer ASTRONOMAR have collaborated on three tracks for the Horse Code EP, to be officially released on June 25 on Enchufada.

As you might expect from a collaboration between the young DJ/producer behind so-fun-it-should-be-illegal track ‘Grow Up’ and the producer wholeheartedly endorsed by Diplo and Crookers, the Horse Code EP is huge.

On ‘Cameron’ and ‘Horse Code’, you can expect thumping beats and basslines to form the backbone of these songs, to which layers of sounds are slathered on and fade away, nevertheless building up to a huge climax. Speaking of which, Astronomar and Swick have redefined climaxes as the part of the song where sirens go fucking apeshit while the rhythm beats itself into your head (but in a totally blissful way).

‘WYWD’ stands in contrast to these two tracks. Though it has a beat just as catchy as ‘Cameron’ and ‘Horse Code’, the climaxes are relatively subtle (which isn’t saying much), featuring steel drums and other things which make me think of zebras gazing in neverending plains. Whereas ‘Cameron’ and ‘Horse Code’ hammer you with beats and sirens, you would be more inclined to let your brain melt to ‘WYWD’.

All up, the tracks on the Horse Code EP are exceptional. It wasn’t quite fair of me to lump ‘Cameron’ and ‘Horse Code’ together on account of their use of sirens, because each of these tracks have a distinct feel to them. Check it out below, and jump on that shit on June 25.

Words by Stephen Pham


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