FLASHBACK: Radiohead ‘Kid A’

The release of RADIOHEAD‘s most recent studio album, King Of Limbs, takes another extremely experimental approach to their sound, add their upcoming Australian tour and I thought I’d take us all back to the turn of the century to relive the sonically brilliant Kid A.

What on first listen scared record label executives half to death, the fact that tracks one, two and three have no usual guitar presence whatsoever (these are also three of the greatest tracks on the record) when coming from a primarily ‘guitar rock band’, these new and innovative sounds & arrangements pushed Radiohead to the forefront of the music world.

Kid A took Radiohead in a brand new direction, the band moving toward a mind bending, kaleidoscopic patchwork quilt of obscure extraterrestrial sounds, glitches, pops, beats, horn fanfares & those idiosyncratic vocals of Yorke’s, the combination helping Kid A to become considered a masterpiece of modern rock ‘n roll.

Words by Joshua Daydream


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